Self-Explorative Circle Gathering

Self-Explorative Circle Gathering

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Thanks for all your support and love for 2014 wealth meditation circles.

In 2015, instead of quarterly sessions, Katherine has made a conscious decision to have half-yearly sessions instead. And these sessions can only accommodate maximum 10 connective souls. And with definitely better better quality contents & discussions + varied rituals dedicated to expansion of one’s highest consciousness and soul expansions journey, Katherine is very definite the 2 sessions in the year will be mind blowing.

Kat has deep gratitude to all Ascended Masters, Angels and the One source for assisting and sharing their guidances with us in every session forward.

I hope I get you excited and see you in one of the sessions soon.


Every connection is unique. No one session is the same. Its been more than 8 years we have been working with these energy circle. There are times where we will create wealthy stuffs like lucky candles, grounding jars, money cans etc.

There are also sessions where will do our visualization meditations that align with our thoughts and energies to create positive impact in our life. There are also sessions where we do financial health checks on our finances and other important areas of our life. Usually in December session, we will do the round-ups for the year and take a peep into the next year for any guidance ahead. And other sessions we dedicate to raise our consciousness.

This is a soul connective session. This is a session to raise your consciousness and awareness of your environment; of yourself. This is a session that will give you answers of whatever you have in mind at the moment. Its a session whereby we are Present; Presence.

Every session aims to free ourselves. The freer we are, the lighter we become then we are enlightened in that time and space. We then move forward in this life journey to continue to explore and learn to enrich our souls, our life.

Katherine invites you to join us in one of our session and experience it yourself.  Period.

Meditation Session: Half -Yearly Event – June & December at 11.00 – 2.00pm

Energy Exchange (Investment): $78/- for Repeaters and $90 for newcomers

Size of class: Maximum 10 person

Venue: TBC

More about our Facilitator
To know who is our facilitator, click the below link.

Katherine Goh

For Reservations, feel free to drop us an email to:


Upcoming Session: 

Self-Explorative Circle Gathering

Date: 28th June 2015 

Time: 11.00-2.00pm (GMT+0800)

Venue: TBC

More details of this event, please click here

Testimonials from our participants

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