About Katherine Goh

“Good stocks, bad stocks, as long as can make money, it is a good stock.” – Jo Tan

“In a Chart, nothing else matters except Price, the rest are secondary.” – Katherine Goh

“Why can’t we combine Value Investing Techniques with Technical Analysis?” – Katherine Goh

It took me a long while to decide if it is worthwhile doing this. Trading and or investing is a very personal thing and frankly is not suitable for everyone. You have to decide for yourself if trading is suitable for you. I have long aspire to be trading full time one day and this could well be my “retirement” job one fine day. I have been investing and trading for many years and believe me, I also am confused sometimes whether i should be a trader or an investor. So, currently, i took the stand to be BOTH. Who says we can’t have the whole pie if we know how to “digest” it well? 

Picture being able to make money regardless of market going higher or lower, able to have financial freedom and worry free the rest of your life. More than that, able to spend time with your family and to do anything that your heart desires! Impossible? Not according to Katherine when you know how to read the charts coupled with discipline and application of what you have learnt on charts and having an abundance mindset.

Katherine Goh started investing in stock market right after the Asian financial crisis in 1998 and made quite some money. But having substitute luck with skills, she lost every profit and her capital. She accumulated her savings by working and started all over again. In every bull market, she made some profits, but when it comes to bear market, she lost everything including her capital. Sounds familiar? Until one day when she was so frustrated, she started to learn technical and fundamental analysis and through real life applications, she found out the practical way of applying technical and fundamental analysis and from that day onwards, her trading skills started to improve and slowly regain back her lost capital and make consistent profits.

Her style of trading and investment can be summarised as follow:


Having previously conducted seminars and technical analysis courses, Katherine discovered that the simplest way to trade or invest is the most effective and profitable. She prefers the “lazy” way to trade which means waiting for the right signals, the right time and the right price before pulling the trigger. She shares her experience using social media such as website, Facebook, and YouTube now.

Katherine Goh an Entrepreneur, Speaker, Life Coach and Writer. She started her shipping firm 13 years ago and under her strong leadership, the solo-business has since then expanded globally. 

For her love for adventure, she created an Adventure Group called Gaia Adventurers

To know more about her Life Coaching Program, visit her website: Katherine Goh

Katherine Goh can be contacted at kathgoh@gmail.com

Below are the videos featuring her and how she started her shipping company 14 years ago.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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