Wealth Circle Gathering : 07th September 2014 at 11am

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Our next wealth meditation is scheduled on the 07th September @11am.

This is gonna be a fun and adventurous session. We will be creating wealthy crafts again after our May crafty session.

The wealth Map Grids is : 07: 09 : 11- 9
“Grounding Wealth”

Session 1 – Money Handwash Spell Magick
Session 2 – Wealth Grounding Spell Magick
Session 3 – A little luck candle Magick craft

You will need to bring: (other things we will prepare)

  • Purple Altar Cloth
  • Green Altar Cloth
  • Your own Charged Tarot Deck (Compulsory)
  • 2 sticks Prosperity/Money/Money Attraction Incense (any money or wealth related incenses)
  • 1 dragon blood incense
  • 1 Amber incense
  • Permanent Marker (one that can write onto candle)
  • Tools needed to cleanse your altar and spiritual tools before start of the ritual

We will prepare:

  • 1 Green Candle
  • 1 medium size green candle (bigger than the usual ones)
  • Ingredients for making money hand wash
  • Charge Soil
  • Crushed Citrine
  • Container with lid

As this is a ritual session, materials are required. Please prepare S$ 73.00 additional for usage for the 3 craft rituals.

All above crafts can be given to your family and/or friends.

Do invite your family,friends and colleagues to join us to share these wealth opportunities with people you care and love.

See you again on our next 2014 wealth magick circle on 07th September 2014.