Recap of 20th April Wealth DNA Momentum Workshop / Next session on 26th April 2013 at 7.00pm

Hello Wealth Builders,

Please check out our updated class schedules We will be playing Cash Flow and a seminar on Market Outlook 2013. You are welcome to Join us!

Recap of what we have learnt:-

  1. Markets Review – What’s Ahead?
  2. Opportunities 
  3. Why Invest Properties?
  4. Private Residential Property Index – Analysing
  5. HDB Resale Price Index – Analysing
  6. Performance of Singapore All Types of Properties 
  7. Timing Your Entry – Where are the “Window Periods” ?
  8. Timing Your Entry – What are the Buy Factors ?
  9. Payment Schedule of a Resale Flat

Detailed opinions on the various stocks, please go to Market Updates. This is a protected page for only investors of wealth DNA classes. Please use the password provided to you to access this information.

For more articles on Property Investing, check out from this link : Property Articles on website

These are protected page for only investors of wealth DNA classes. Please use the password provided to you to access this information. 

Assignments: Check out the latest transacted prices of your choice properties. We will use your assignments for further discussions in our next class.


Wealth Meditation on Cellular Wealth – May 2013 Session

Wealth by it’s definition means “well-being”. To be wealthy means we are prosperous financially, spiritually, physically, and in all areas of our life. Without the finances, we cannot explore the beauty of the world. Without our health, we cannot enjoy the delicacies of life.

This meditation has been designed to cleanse the body and mind through a guided visualization. First, each chakra is cleansed to clear the energies. Then, the cells of the body are cleansed. After this visualization, the body and mind is tuned to wealth in all areas of our lives. And finally, we tone the sound “ahhh” to ignite creation and actively vibrate wealth physically and spiritually.

Two delta waves and a theta wave have been utilized in this meditation for a deep experience of visualization. They have been tuned to the root, third, and sixth chakra to help open channels of energy inside your body. These frequencies correspond to the Earth, Sun, and Venus.

This is Wealth Meditation DNA’s first guided meditation by Katherine Goh.

Suggested Use: Excellent for cleansing dense frequencies or energy in your body. Can be used for attracting wealth in all areas of your life.

Meditation Session: 25th May 2013 (Saturday) @ 7.00-8.30pm

Please register by 24th May 2013

Energy Exchange (Investment): $38/- (Repeaters) 0r $45/- (Newbies)

Do not expect large crowds. We will inform the venue one week before the event date.

Payment: Only via internet transfers. Once you confirm, will send you the account number in separate email

To Register, simple send me a reply “YES I NEED WEALTH MEDITATION” and i will send you payment details on a separate email.

Choose to be Wealthy,

Katherine Goh