Opportunities: Guaranteed 10% Interest for 10 Years in Greater Manchester





Ask Your Bank Manager for a Guaranteed 10% Interest for 10 Years

When He Says No, Get Down to Smithy Bridge

  • Price From: £64,495 / estimated Sgd 121,000
  • 10% GUARANTEED income for ten years.
  • 125% Buy-Back Guarantee after 10 years

  • Only  £25,000 / estimated Sgd 47,000 investment needed

You can look at shares. You can investigate…You can ask your bank manager, very politely. But the fact remains that there aren’t many places you’re going to get a guaranteed 10% a year interest GUARANTEED income for ten years.

Smithy Bridge is one of those places. It’s a new care-home development in Greater Manchester that’s practically begging you to invest in it. Smithy Bridge will put cash into your pocket from day one, because that 10% GUARANTEED income will be paid to you from day one.

10% GUARANTEED Income For 10 Years

10% Return for 10 years paid in arrears and calculated from day one. Years 1-3 are calculated on cash input and years 4-10 are calculated on total purchase price.

Let’s Take A Look At An Example Payment Schedule At Smithy Bridge

Year Capital Invested Guaranteed Returns (10%) Finance Repayments Year End Balance


1   £2,500* £2,500 £0
2   £2,500* £2,500 £0
3   £2,500* £2,500 £0
4   £6,449.50 £4,570.72 £1,878.78
5   £6,449.50 £4,570.72 £1,878.78
6   £6,449.50 £4,570.72 £1,878.78
7   £6,449.50 £4,570.72 £1,878.78
8   £6,449.50 £4,570.72 £1,878.78
9   £6,449.50 £4,570.72 £1,878.78
10   £6,449.50 £4,570.72 £1,878.78

*Calculated on initial investment

If you think that is all you will receive, then read on, because we have negotiated a whole lot more to make it easier for you to invest.

Exclusive – 35% Discount

As an exclusive opportunity for our Solomon investors, a selection of units are discounted, therefore you will invest at 35% BELOW original market price.

0% Developer Guaranteed Non-Status Funding

We have negotiated with the developer to provide GUARANTEED non-status funding at 0% interest rate for up to £39,495. Repayments are deducted from guaranteed income returns so actual cash input is only £25,000.

125% Buy-Back Guarantee

A buy-back GUARANTEE option is available after year 10 at 125% of the initial purchase price.

But why would you want to invest in a care home?

Huge Shortfall Of Care Homes

Well, there’s a huge shortfall of industry-standard care homes. People are also living longer, so the need just gets greater. A care home like Smithy Bridge, built to the highest standards – ‘dementia’ level – in an area that falls short of the industry standard will be a sound investment.

It works like this: investors buy their care suite. Once it’s built, it’s leased back to an experienced care-home operator to manage the investment. This allows guaranteed 10% returns on a 10-year long lease.

Here’s What You’ll Love Most About Smithy Bridge

  • Prices from £64,495
  • 10 Year Rental Guarantee At 10% – From Day One
  • Guaranteed 0% Non-Status Funding
  • 125% Buy-Back Guarantee
  • Exclusive 35% Discount
  • Hassle Free Investment
  • Fully Managed
  • Our ‘Property that Pays for Itself’ Promise

Estimated Capital Growth Projections

Estimated capital growth projection for a £64,495 apartment suite at Smithy Bridge, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom.

Property Market Cycles

Timing your entry and exit in a property market is a key element in becoming a successful investor. The diagram below shows a typical property market cycle.

The eagle-eyed property investor should invest at the end of a recession, the bottom, or the recovery stage, whilst looking to realise profits by selling or by releasing equity during the expansion and peak stages.

Many experts have now concluded that the United Kingdom’s Real Estate market has just passed the recovery stage.

Simple Purchase Process

Investing at Smithy Bridge is as easy as 1-2-3. This is all you have to do:

  • Reservation deposit of £500
  • On exchange of agreements £24,500
  • On Completion – Developer Guaranteed Funding Covers Outstanding £39,495 Balance

Secure Your Income For The Next 10 Years

This kind of peace-of-mind, guaranteed-income investment is as rare as hen’s teeth. Be fast out of the blocks to secure your income at Smithy Bridge.

For more information, and to receive your FREE “Smithy Bridge Brochure,” please Call +65-84821434 or  Email us @ kathgoh@gmail.com Today.

P.S. Only 20 units at this amazing price point. Contact us today before they are all sold.

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