Opportunities: Partake in Hong Kong Land Acquisition – Estimated Potential Appreciation 100%-200%

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  • Investment Opportunity : Acquisition of prime strategic land plots in densely populated land scarce Hong Kong
  • Investment Time Frame : 5 – 7 years (Estimated Time Frame)
  • Investment Returns :100%-200% (Estimated Potential Appreciation)

Project Summary :

The extreme land scarcity and high population density of Hong Kong presents a natural constraint to very limited supply of land available for development and hence extremely leading to the evitable high demand for Hong Kong land plots. Coupled with the fact that close to 70% of Hong Kong is mountainous terrain, 25% of the flat land area had already been developed. We are left with only 5% flat land areas where almost all big and mid-size developers are scrambling to have a piece of the pie. In this context high demand and low supply, we are working closely with our principal developer to buy into these highly sought after strategic land assets.

Project Pointers :

  1. Co-ownership of strategic pockets of land within satellite township of Yuen Loong District with over 500,000 population.
  2. Land site located just 500m from Li Ka Shing’s existing residential apartment.
  3. This township is identified as a current growth centre where all top 3 largest Hong Kong developers have current land holdings.
  4. Our investment strategy includes taking advantage of current limited land supply in identified growth centres, holding for a number of years, allowing massive infrastructure like new MTR link to China to be built, more new residential developments to emerge, hence drastically increase our land value
  5. We position ourselves such that when big developers run out of their own land banks, our land will be offered to them at premium prices.

Exit offers can also come via the highly popular auction methodology whereby many developers bid for a single land plot, hence fetching high prices.

  • Opportunity to grow your wealth at an estimation returns of 100%-200% over 5-7 years estimated time frame.
  • Investors receive title ownership from Hong Kong government land registry as security (title registry can be verified online)
  • Option of taking additional title insurance under First American Title Assurance
  • Opportunity to leverage on the rapid growth of Hong Kong and China
  • No capital gains tax,100% of profits goes back to investors
  • Estimated capital appreciation returns of 100%-200% over 5-7 years conservatively

Additional fixed bonus payout totaling 12% on top of final exit offer price:

End of year 1 – 2%
End of year 2 – 2%
End of year 3 – 2%
End of year 4 – 3%
End of year 5 – 3%

1 investment lot approximately S$35,000
Minimum investment approximately S$10,000

Interested Individuals, feel free to call 84821434 for no obligation discussion.

We love to pass great opportunities that we investigate and have vested interests.

We Practice WIN-WIN DEALS.

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